Arnold Joseph Paprocki & Helen R Stawicki

(Milwaukee WI)


Arnold Joseph Paprocki (Stanley, Joseph, Wawrzyniec, Jan), was born 3 October 1919[3,4] in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He married Helen Rita Stawicki about 1945 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was born 3 November 1923[4], the daughter of Joseph Stawicki and Josephine Matusiak. They lived at 12206 West Ohio Avenue, West Allis[3]. Arnold "worked at Kearney & Trecker for 45 years. He loved woodwork, stained glass and photography."[3] Helen died 21 July 1999[3,4] at the age of 75 and was buried 26 July 1999 in Saint Adalbert Cemetery[3]. Arnold died 8 February 2003[3,4] at the age of 83 and was buried 11 February 2003 in Saint Adalbert Cemetery[3].

Arnold and Helen had four children:
1.) iJames Joseph Paprocki, m. Rosemary[3].
iiJeffrey Paprocki, m. Jean[3].
iiiDavid Paprocki, m. Pat[3].
ivGerald Paprocki, m. Cathi[3].
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