paproc f. (bot.)  fern.
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- Greater Poland
- Jastrzebiec
- Cholewa i Jelita
 Ancestral Villages
- Paprotki
- Paprotnia
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- Germany
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- Great Britain
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- Argentina
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Today there are over 6,000 individuals in Poland with the name Paprocki. There are at least 1,000 more in the United States. They also live in Germany, France, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina and many other countries.

Paprocki is a topographic name, derived from a landscape characterized by the proliferation of ferns. The Polish word "paproc" translates to "fern" in English. A Polish village founded in an area of many ferns might be called Paprotki or Paprotnia after the dominating plant species. Some of the people living in that village might therefore be called Paprocki.

The female spelling of the name is Paprocka and the plural is Paproccy. In the Polish language the letter "c" is pronounced like "ts" or "tz" so you might find the name spelled as it sounds in other countries - Paprotzki. Spellings of Paproski have also been found.

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